Swiss Airlines
Switzerlands famoust airline, known before as Swissair and Crossair
Edelweissair has worldwide destinations, service is nice and comfortable
National railway service
Program for driving the swiss roadway
All swiss railway services
Excursion in Switzerland
Nice guide about luzern and his famous places
Guide about destinations in luzern
View of central of Switzerland (destinations, hotels and more)

Nice water parc, closed to Zurich

Informations about Zoo in Zurich
International hotel directory and guide
Swiss hotel portal
Database of Swiss hotels
Directory of Swiss hotels and restaurants, online search and book facility
Database of Swiss hotels
All Swiss youth hostels
Hotel reservations, car-rentals and more worldwide
Swiss banks
Famoust Swiss banks
Also a famous bank
Swiss natinonal bank
Tourist Offices
Kuoni is famous for customer service
Imholz is as well important than Kuoni
Not so big as Kuoni or Imholz but as good as well
Swiss Embassy in Thailand
Thai Embassy in Zurich, north of Switzerland
Thail Embassy in Geneva, southwest part of Switzerland
Thai Embassy in Basel, north of Switzerland
Thai Embassy in Bern, cenral part of Switzerland
Currency calculater
Currency calculated in current rate of exchange
Swiss Weather
  Informations of Swiss weather today (All locations)
  You can find here important links worldwide

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