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To the prehistory: On Sonday i had a big competition, Swiss championships in track and field. To have a good preparation for this special event i left the army on Friday. After my depart the Swiss army holded a material-control because to much privat property has got stolen. Next week i came back to the army and was shocked about the mess in my box. My friend told me what happened. In the army if you have compaints, you have to fill in a special formular, it was called 6.5!!


Material-control - complaint !Not decides for the public!

Last week on Friday, that August 4 2000, a material-control was enforced in company 1. Each Soldier had to remove his possessions of his box and had to present his possessions to the corresponding officers. As long as the relevant person can clear his box himself, the enforcement of a material-control is ok. His proud property, a piece of his civilized life - private-property and consequently a part of his privacy with personality-character itself should be untouched. Only he has the right to clear his box, nobody else!

Now to the problem Sir. On Friday after 18.30 o'clock i wasn't present in the barracks anymore because I had vacation. Despite my absence, my box has been opened, my proud property removed and stowed later anywhere in my box. My privacy was injured here quite plainly! I cann't tolerate this trust-break and i cann't accept this circumstance! My trust became profoundly injured. I didn't have equipped my box with a palace because I have trusted the people. However like so often, I was get disappointed. In the army, where the life is strictly regular, something similar like that shouldn't happen. 

But unfortunately this moral crime confirms that trust cannot just be forgiven generously. This incident confirms also my theory about politics and army that nobody cannot just trust the system! I have a right on a privacy like you as well. Here you are not better than I and you have the same rights as well,  it doesen't depends which position you are in. A poor Indian has the same rights as a president!

The injury of my privacy is unpardonable for me and disappointed me badly! I as Asian - we Asians holds the privacy and ethics as a virtue - where the privacy of a human being is handled as a matter,  makes me feel unwell to live in barracks. I am a human being and i want to be treated like a homo sapiens sapiens (present human being)!

With the trust-break you have opened old wounds. Why??? I repeated again, the trust-break should never happen  .

August 8, 2000 

Stephan Schütz


...I haven't received an answer yet and i'm still waiting on an explanation...

…With this report i got a famous person, they called me Mr. 6.5!!…

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